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Hayden Lake Family Physicians

Hayden Lake Family Physicians in Hayden offers a broad range of diagnostic tools and medical procedures to continue your exceptional care. One of the advantages of choosing Hayden Lake Family Physicians is knowing you have your Family Doctor, testing and medical procedures done all in one place.



Hayden Lake Family Physicians
8181 N. Cornerstone Dr.
Hayden, ID 83835

Monday - Friday:
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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We have the ability to do sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy for bowel cancer screening and diagnosis of other gastrointestinal disorders. We have the ability to do biopsies and polyp removal during these procedures where appropriate. We are also able to do gastroscopy which is used in the diagnosis of esophageal, stomach and upper intestinal disorders.



Dr. Riske has been doing vasectomies for approximately 30 years and has the ability to do these in our clinic in an outpatient setting.



Dr. Riske has performed circumcisions for over 30 years and has the ability to perform circumcision on newborns in the office setting. Our newest provider Dr. Webster performs circumcision on newborns in the office setting.



We are also able to do lesion removals especially abnormal looking moles or skin growths. We can also do skin biopsies to help aid in the diagnosis of abnormal skin conditions. 



We provide fracture care for simple non displaced fractures and have the ability to apply and remove casts and splints.


Hayden Lake
Family Physicians
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