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Hayden Lake Family Physicians (HLFP) is committed to providing compassionate, quality care with dignity and respect to every patient, every time. For every commitment, there is an obligation. It is the patient’s responsibility to meet their financial obligations.

We see patients from many different insurance plans, it is impossible for us to know all the covered benefits, copays, and deductibles for each individual plan. While it is our intention to assist you, it is your responsibility to ensure that all services rendered or referred by HLFP on your behalf are paid in full. To clarify Hayden Lake Family Physicians policy we have listed below our financial requirements below.


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The patient must provide a copy of your insurance card which should include an address to bill claims to, ID number, group number, and current employer information.

If we are contracted with your insurance we will bill your insurance for you. We will bill other primary insurances as a courtesy to our patients. Copays are collected at time of service, as required by your insurance company. If you do not pay at time of service, you will be subject to a $15 processing fee for us to process a statement to collect your co pay. If your insurance denies your claim or has not paid your claim timely, you are responsible for payment in full. If you dispute a denial or payment amount you need to contact your insurance company. You are still required to pay in full. (This applies to all insurance companies.)

If you have not met your deductible or the services rendered are not a covered benefit, we request payment at time of service. There may be situations where you may be left with a balance when unknown copays, deductibles or non-covered services exist. This balance will be due upon receipt of our statement.



Payment at time of service is required.



If you are involved in a civil suit, auto (MVA), home, etc. accident and are seeking payment from the responsible party, we expect payment at the time of service. We do not bill the responsible party’s insurance or attorney for your services in these situations due to the length of time it takes to settle these claims. We will provide you a copy of your charges so you can bill the responsible party. Payment for services received will be due at time of service.



If you are seeing one of our providers for an injury that occurred during the course of your employment, please be sure to notify the receptionist when you schedule your appointment and when you arrive for your appointment that it is a “work related injury”. You will need to provide your insurance information and claim number at time of service. If your claim is denied, you will be held financially responsible for all charges incurred for services rendered on your behalf.

If your injury is covered under Washington Labor and Industry, we cannot see you for this injury. 



We will bill Medicare for you. You will receive a statement after Medicare has processed your claim, either paying their portion of the charges, applying them to your deductible, or transferring them to the patient responsibility. If you have supplemental insurance to Medicare, we will also bill your Medicare Supplement for you. You will receive a statement from our office after Medicare and your secondary insurance have processed your claim.



Patients are required to present a current medical card to the receptionist upon arrival at each visit. If you do not have your current medical card upon arrival and we are unable to verify your eligibility, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment or pay for your services in full at time of service.



A “Minor” is defined as someone under the age of 18 who is not considered legally emancipated from his or her parent or guardian. We realize that there may be an arrangement regarding who is responsible when paying for medical services provided to a minor. However, it is our policy that the parent or guardian who requests medical care for the minor is the financially responsible party.



A schedule appointment is a block of time that is specifically held for the patient. We understand that circumstances may arise causing you to cancel or reschedule your appointment. However, please be considerate to our patients that need to be seen sooner by notifying our office at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. Patients who do not notify our office at least 24 hours in advance may be charged a fee which is not covered by your insurance.



All non sufficient funds will be subject to a $20 fee. If your account is turned over to collection, you may be sent a termination letter indicating that you seek medical care elsewhere.


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